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Boomer makes the scene

Boomer made his debut right at the tail end of 1979 with a one hour holiday special, "A Christmas For Boomer" which ran on NBC, December 6.

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Here's Boomer

The series started in late August 1980 and ran for a couple of seasons. It returned in the mid-1980s for a re-run on The Disney Channel. I don't believe that any new shows were made for Disney, just the old NBC episodes shown again.

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There were 24 episodes, spanning two years. Here's an episode guide being put together.

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The New Benji?

Who can resist a handsome, shaggy mutt with a big smile on his face? Here's Boomer was television's answer to the 'Benji phenomenon.' Boomer was found wondering alone and homeless, along a California freeway.

In stunts on the show, Boomer was a little less agile, so he had a double named 'Boomer J' as a stand-in for some of the more difficult action shots. The two Boomers looked similar, but were different enough that Boomer J's scenes were shot from a greater distance.

Boomer's Girlfriend Cynthia

As Benji had Tiffany, Boomer's lady friend was Cynthia, similar in looks to Boomer. Their owner hoped they would have puppies and popularize the 'Boomer breed' in the USA.

ball Boomer and Cynthia

Woof, Dave

Did you know that David Letterman interviewed Boomer? Here's proof! I've had lots of animals on this show before, but this one really dresses for the part.. Please welcome, Boomer, from Here's Boomer

ball Our hero on Letterman

Here's Johnny

Did you know that Boomer interviewed Johnny Carson, ".. a typical late night talk show host"? From a Johnny Carson tribute magazine, a guest submission.

ball Boomer vs. Johnny         Boom vs. Johnny

Here's Boomer poster

Weekly Reader Book Club wall poster.   (2 sizes)

ball Poster pup             Poster

Boomer art poster

Beautiful Boomer drawing as a poster   (2 sizes)

ball Poster art             boomer-art-poster

Boomer and Todd

Here's Boomer with Todd Bridges  

ball Boomer Todd             boomer-todd-bridges

Boom and Patti Davis

Photo with Patti Davis  

ball Boomer Patti             boomer-patti-davis

Here's Boomer Thermos

Keep your coffee warm with Boomer!   (Photos)

ball Thermos             Thermos

Boomer plush toy

Knickerbocker plush Boomer toy   (Photos)

ball Stuffed toy Boomer             Boomer plush


The "Boomer And The Bucketeers" episode, with Meadowlark Lemon, along with "Boomer's Eastside Story" scripts

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Boomer articles from various publications

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