Boomer Sounds

".. and when he comes in to your life, you'll never be the same again.."

Boomer's radio
These are sound clips from Here's Boomer. The first is the instrumental opening theme from A Christmas For Boomer from Dec. 6, 1979, from my tape. Next, it's the theme from the weekly series, with vocals, found on the net.

In Special Treats we have the weekly series theme in French, which I found on Gnutella early in 2002. The last treat is a short clip from the Musket Cove Treasure episode, aired Jan. 10, 1982, which comes from my tape.

  Show Openers_____
    Christmas For Boomer opening     1:00     MP3  |  OGG
    Weekly opening theme             1:01     MP3  |  OGG
    Easy Listening theme              :58     WAV  |  none
  Special Treats_____
    Weekly theme in French           2:30     MP3  |  none
    Musket Cove Treasure excerpt     2:44     MP3  |  OGG

About the audio formats.. MP3 is a format standard for high quality music, and sound on the net, so most any audio software you have should be able to play it. OGG means it's an Ogg Vorbis file, and you should be able to listen to it with a newer player. Ogg files should sound better, but maybe not on this page of low-fi TV tapes.. Try it for music on your computer though, it's a great sounding format, to my Dog ears. Take yourself for a walk over to to check it out!   Easy listening theme from the Sound America site

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