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Here's Boomer has a Christmas pilot, and 24 regular episodes


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DECEPTIVE DOGNAPPER--Margaret Hamilton, starring as a mean woman who entices dogs with kindness and the sells them for experimental use, zeros in on Boomer, the canine friend of 11-year-old Jesse (Matthew Laborteaux of NBC-TV's "Little House on the Prairie"), in "Jailbreak" on NBC-TV's comedy-adventure series "Here's Boomer."

Jailbreak official photo

The vigil

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MATCHMAKER-- Boomer Plays matchmaker in helping Halley (left), a forlorn dog standing vigil at the grave of her deceased master, in "The Vigil," on NBC-TV's comedy-adventure series, "Here's Boomer." The Vigil photo


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LEARNS A LESSION--Boomer teaches a difficult teen-ager (Scott Baio) a lesson in survival in the wilderness after the boy nearly causes a tragic accident while on a camping trip with some relatives in "Overboard" on NBC-TV's "Here's Boomer." 'Overboard' publicity photo

Tell 'em, Boomer Sent You

A TV commercial director, Mr. Dalton, is concerned more about his career than spending time with his son, Jackie. Boomer wants to help Jackie. Stars Michael J. Fox, John Reilly, Doris Roberts

The Prince and the Boomer

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SHIFTY POLITICIAN--Barry Nelson portrays an opportunistic office seeker in "The Prince and the Boomer" epsiode of NBC-TV's comedy-adventure series "Here's Boomer."

Barry and Boomer captioned

Boomer and Miss 21st century (2-part season two opener)

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ACTING'S IN THE FAMILY--Television actress Patti Reagan Davis, daughter of President-elect Ronald Reagan -- no stranger to show business himself in years past -- turns up in the role of a librarian as she joins her shaggy friend Boomer in "Boomer and Miss 21st Century," the season premiere of NBC-TV's comedy-adventure series, "Here's Boomer."

Patti Davis photo and caption

TV Guide description:

Now Boomer Thinks Out Loud! Suspense and hilarity reign at the Miss 21st Century Pageant as Boomer thinks out loud to solve a plot to fix the contest. Special guest stars: Roddy McDowall, Louis Nye, Gene Rayburn, Tammy Lauren, Patti Davis (Daughter of President-Elect Reagan)

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