Boomer The Dog's 2004 Guestbook

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Name: Steppy
Country: USA Date: Fri Jan 30 21:44:11 2004
Comment: I love Boomer. I remember watching the Christmas special when I was 5 years old. It was my all time favorite movie. We had taped it off the tv and I had the tape for years until my Dad accidently taped over it. I was very upset to find Star Trek on my Boomer tape. Now I am 30 years old and wish I had the tape because my husband has never seen the movie and would love to show it to him. My favorite line in the movie was "Celeste, do you want more steak tar tar?"--Celeste was Boomer's girlfriend

Name: Jessica
Country: USA Date: Fri Jan 30 02:14:15 2004
Comment: I just wanted to tell you that this morning out of the blue the "Here's Boomer" theme song popped into my head for probably the first time in like 18 years. I was rather shocked! and then dismayed that none of my friends and not even my older brother remembered the show, even after I sang the theme song for them. I vowed I would find proof on the internet to prove I wasn't crazy and I would like to think you for being the only website out there and saving my sanity.

Name: Larry
Country: USA - Atlanta Date: Tue Jan 27 15:40:40 2004
Comment: My wife LOVES Boomer, and we too have been unsuccessful at finding any videos/DVD of episodes. Your site is the most complete reference of any info on the web....great work! Thank you!

Name: Kenji
Country: Japan Date: Mon Dec 29 16:49:33 2003
Comment: Boomer is the cleverist@dog.
I love Boomer.

Name: dawn
Country: Date: Sun Dec 14 07:00:56 2003
Comment: I would like to know what kind of dog Boomer is...

Name: K. Regg
Country: USA Date: Tue Oct 7 00:21:20 2003
Comment: Love this dog. Have searched far and wide for a video of anything he did. Would appreciate any help anyone can offer. Thanks.

Name: spyros
Country: GREECE Date: Tue Jul 22 11:30:06 2003
Comment: Dear Boomer fan,

I would really like your help. You surely know how difficult it is to locate any Boomer sites, let alone what I'm looking for; I am looking for a specific episode of the Boomer series, part of which, was filmed in Athens Greece. It would be REALLY IMPORTANT for me if I could find this particular episode - however hard I've tried contacting NBC, I've has no success so far.

Thank you in advance,

Name: Cid Mondacca
Country: Bolivia Date: Wed Jul 2 01:45:40 2003
Comment: I has seen "Here's Bommer", a long time ago....
I love Boomer, and I'll always remember it. Thank's for your web.

Name: Lisa
Country: South Africa Date: Thu Jun 26 00:56:46 2003
Comment: Wow what a fab site!! Woof!!!