A Christmas For Boomer

TV guide, Dec. 6, 1979

A Christmas For Boomer TV Guide ad

A Christmas for Boomer ad

That was the ad that turned me on to Here's Boomer, from my aunt's TV Guide. Since my aunt lived across town, it's lucky I was able to snag it.

Audio tape of Here's Boomer pilot

Why didn't TV Guide use acid-free paper.. :) Many Guides probably ended up in the bottom of puppy's training box at the end of the TV week.

I used to audiotape shows from TV that I liked, including Captain Kangaroo, and the weekend movies like Digby, The Biggest Dog In The World, so when Here's Boomer came up, I was right there rolling tape!.. The page from TV Guide has been kept with the tape since the time Here's Boomer was on the air.

I believe our family TV was a GE 19 inch portable at the time, and I rolled it into a corner of the room to record the sound, so the tape wouldn't pick up noise from other parts of the house.. Over here, you can listen to the opening theme from A Christmas For Boomer.

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